Saka Mese Maluku

Saka Mese Maluku

The South Moluccan Movement

The territory of the South Moluccas has been occupied and exploited by the Republic of Indonesia for more than 70 years. The Moluccas are being plundered and the natural habitat and the wild flora and fauna of the South Moluccas are being permanently damaged by the Republic of Indonesia. 

The mining of mineral resources such as gold, nickel and natural gas (the LNG gas bubble of the Masela block), the abnormally large fishing industry or the uncontrolled deforestation for the establishment of palm oil plantations and infrastructure is not in the interest of the Moluccan people themselves. This threatens the survival of the Moluccan population and is a gross violation of human rights by Indonesia. 

The habitats and residential areas of the original Moluccan population are increasingly affected by legal and illegal logging, forced relocation of residents and expropriation of Adat lands that have belonged to the Moluccan people for centuries. Examples are Sabuai and Gunung Tinggi on Ceram and Marafenfen on the Aru-Islands. But also mining has dramatic human and environmental impacts. Take for example Gunung Botak on Buru, the nickel mines on Pulau Gee and other areas in Halmahera Timor. 

The Moluccan people are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines, like the population of Taniwel that rebelled against the exploitation of marble quarries on West Ceram. It is clear that the people that are affected directly by the exploitation are more and more resistant. Unfortunately we have to conclude that the leaders and activists of this counter-movement can count on severe sanctions. 

Exploitation of Maluku 

The Moluccas remain one of the poorest regions of Indonesia. As stated, the Moluccas are rich in mineral resources such as gold, nickel, the LNG gas bubble of the Masela block and the large fish stocks in the Moluccan sea. Where are the profits? How can it be that the Moluccas have multiple natural resources but cannot live in prosperity? Why do we allow our own culture, traditions and social systems to be demolished and the continued existence of the Moluccan people to be threatened? This must stop! 

CEPA trade agreement must not be allowed to continue 

The RMS government states that the conclusion of the CEPA trade agreement between the Republic of Indonesia and the European Union (EU) can never ever involve the territory of the RMS. As long as Indonesia occupies the South Moluccan territory and oppresses and silences the South Moluccan population with military force, as well as other populations such as Papua, and as long as Indonesia fails to respect human rights, there can be no CEPA agreement. 

The key is in the hands of the 27 countries of the European Union (EU). These countries are about to sign the CEPA free trade agreement with Indonesia. Before that happens, the 27 parliaments of the Member States must approve the CEPA. With this approval they allow the CEPA agreement between the EU and Indonesia to happen. For the Netherlands this means that the CEPA agreement will be discussed in the House of Representatives. 

The RMS government requests all Member States of the EU to check the CEPA agreement against international human rights and the European constitution. This also applies to the Dutch government and the House of Representatives. 

If the EU is not willing to test the CEPA agreement against the objections of the RMS, the RMS government will submit the dispute to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for assessment. 

Take action and join the campaign โ€˜Stop the oppression and exploitation of Malukuโ€™. Donโ€™t stand idly by. Join us and participate, so our brothers and sisters in the South Moluccas can live in peace, prosperity and freedom!

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