Saka Mese Maluku

Saka Mese Maluku

The South Moluccan Movement

Dear compatriots or sympathizers,

Do you want to donate to a good cause? We as Saka Mese Maluku stand for the South Moluccan people, a nation with their own history, culture and identity and their own country. We are and will remain inextricably linked. Connected as a nation – Muslims and Christians – with our country where our origin lies: The Moluccas.

Your donation makes the difference. With this we want to generate money for our goals:

1. To be able to afford our own activities in the Netherlands.

2. To organize activities abroad in the future.

3. To be able to support the activities of certain groups in The Moluccas who stand up for the protection of our adat (holy) lands, our mineral resources, our Moluccan identity or against oppression and exploitation of the South Moluccan nation.

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