Saka Mese Maluku

Saka Mese Maluku

The South Moluccan Movement

Concept of this project 

With this concept, South Moluccan youth from Bovensmilde wanted to commemorate 11 June and also give the next generations insight into how the hijackings came about.They wanted to stimulate the 3rd/4th/5th generation to use their talents for the RMS cause. 

One of the interviewees is the secretary and spokesperson for Saka Mese Maluku, Jecy Sihasale.

Description: It is important that the annual 11th of June Memorial Service should not only be limited to commemorating. The Lawa Mena Hau Lala monument should be a stimulus for the younger generation. A source of inspiration, to ask yourself, just like the fallen militant activists, what it is that I could do for my country? How can I be of value to my people in the Moluccas. Because that is the message they have left you: Lawa Mena Hau Lala (Always move forward and don’t look back) – We have sacrificed our lives, so that you can go on. Use your knowledge and the possibilities to constructively contribute to the cause that was passed down by the 1st generation. Only then can you say with due pride: Maluku is ours… Whatever comes our way, we will not back down. 

Made by: Anak muda Bovensmilde

• A. Parera
• D. Metekohij
• Z. Pattiruhu
• J. Hully
• V-J. Lumalessil
• E. Metekohij