Saka Mese Maluku

Saka Mese Maluku

The South Moluccan Movement

The Ambon High Court, in its decision dated March 2, 2022, dismissed the appeal filed by the Marafenfen indigenous community of Aru Island. It concerned a land dispute over the adat lands, 689 hectares in size, which were claimed by the Indonesian Navy as their property. 

In its decision, the High Court reinforces the decision already made by the Dobo District Court, thereby ignoring the fact that the possession of Marafenfen’s indigenous lands was manipulative and so a crime. 

The verdict has already been handed over to lawyer Semuel Waileruny on April 12, 2022.

On April 22, 2022, the lawyer lodged an appeal in cassation as a further legal remedy to obtain the restitution of the indigenous  grounds of Marafenfen of the Indonesian Navy. 

Believe me that the blood, sweat and tears shed to get the adat grounds back have not been in vain. 

The battle will take a long time to get the adat grounds back. So keep an eye on the legal process. 

Source: Perintis Aksi Kilat (PAK)