Saka Mese Maluku

Saka Mese Maluku

The South Moluccan Movement

Jakarta, the elites and foreign investors are filling their treasure chests with the riches of the Moluccan islands. Currently, the Moluccans are still economically disadvantaged and there has been no progress for 72 years. In May 1950, 72 years ago, foreigners from the island of Java came with their troops to occupy the South Moluccas. Because of this, the people of the Moluccas have lost their sovereignty and right to self-determination since 1950.
The Moluccans have their own “national” fishing sheds, Oil and Gas Blocks: 25 blocks (Masela Block can be bigger than Qatar), The Mountain of Gold  on the island Buru, The Mountain of Copper  on Wetar Island, tin, mother-of-pearl and other riches . 

Despite this abundance, the colonial occupier from Jakarta allows the people of the Moluccas to live in poverty every day. It is downright strange that the Moluccas is still one of the poorest regions of Indonesia. How is that possible? 

Mercy Barends, a member of the parliament put it this way: the central government in Jakarta pursues a conscious policy to keep the Moluccas structurally poor. 

Moluccans need to open their eyes, become aware of this, wake up and resist! Better to die standing fighting this injustice than to live on your knees as a slave to foreign invaders in your own country.